By Priyanka Patnaik

4 Simple steps to Improve your sex life

Every couple in a serious relationship strives to find ways to improve their sex life. The whole effort here needs to be fostered by both the partners to the point where pleasure and health are given significance and considered  by both the partners. While the sexual life of every individual is subjective to their likes and dislikes, there are still some basic ways to boost your current sexual scenario. Let’s go through some of the most prominent or basic ways that can be helpful in enhancing sexual life.


#1 Educating oneself and partner:  


Sex in itself is a vast subject and little is known by most people. What we see on TV or films is a mere simulation and not sex education. Real intimacy, like any other worthy aspect of life, needs thorough research and great involvement by both partners, to have a proper perspective. Jumping in bed without using one’s head cannot be the way. There are ample amounts of information regarding various aspects of sex, like- positions, ways to enhance the tenacity, stamina building, pleasure providing methods, knowledge about oral sex and many other relevant information regarding the subject on the internet. It is always a helpful way to browse through this info while you get a little extra time for yourself from your daily work. Gaining and sharing information with partner will develop an intellectual bonding. This is an essential part of a good sexual chemistry, apart from physical and emotional aspects.


#2 Give time and space to yourself and your partner:


A good sexual act needs enough time and space. Additionally, as the ageing process sets in, the sexual responses generally slow down as a consequence. A secluded and amicable setting for sex can be really great.. This way one can never really find oneself in the constraints of a stringent environment or the interference that can be caused by people around. So the best bet would be a synchronised sexual frequency that can take one to new zeniths of pleasure that would have been unimaginable otherwise.


#3 Usage of lubricants:


Vaginal dryness is a general consequence of ageing that happens over the time. This condition can result in painful sex. To avoid this situation, usage of lubricants can be an ideal solution. This way one can get a good penetration without friction of any sort. Sometimes, even after using a good lubricant, this condition can really be disturbing or reluctant to subside. So in case of an unusual dry vagina, one should consult a sexual health expert.


#4 Physical affection: 

Affection is the beginning of sensuality. There needs to be a connection that can be established by physical affection and caressing that will lead to a deep meaningful relationship. A growing love always leads to great sex. There is no alternative to physical affection, unless you want the sex to be mechanical.

All in all these are certain simple ways to Improve your sex life. Do try out the above mentioned tips, keep it happy, loving and sexy!

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