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How to prevent sexually transmitted diseases?

Safeguarding your sexual health is paramount, and understanding how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is the first step towards maintaining a safe and fulfilling intimate life. With advancement in times there is a subsequent advancement in sexually transmitted diseases as well. Known and unknown diseases are always going to be a part of sexuality. There is no absolutely secured way that we can administer to avoid sexual diseases permanently or make its happenstance to 0%. However there are several ways that may help us to reduce the occurrence and help in prevention of spreading. Today we will take a look at the most easy ways that would be helpful in minimization of sexually transmitted diseases.

Usage of Condoms:

Most fool proof way of prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is the using of condoms. Most cases, condoms bar the transmission of the sperm into the uterus thus saving any infectious element’s passage as well along with it. Surveys have shown latex condoms are more effective.

Avoiding of sharing essential garments:

Private garments sharing with sexual partners can be of real threat as well as transmission of sexual diseases is concerned. Undergarments may carry infectious elements and can transfer to the partner and having multiple sexual partners can simply be of tremendous danger.

Proper rinsing:

Private parts ought to be washed properly before and after having a sexual intercourse and this is essential from hygiene point of view as well as . The infection if any can be really washed of by proper rinsing.

Hepatitis shot:

This is a series of 3 shots. It is a remedy which assists in prevention of STDS from spreading.

HIV test:

If someone is having multiple sexual partners, he or she should go for a regular check-up for HIV. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry later.

Avoiding alcohol and drugs:

Intoxications can be an influencer of having unsafe sex. Sanitization, hygiene and safe sex, often goes out of the window when a couple is intoxicated either on alcohol or drugs or both.

Avoiding having sex with a strange at the first meet:

You never know what the other person carries. It is better to be having some insight in order to scan among the possibilities of avoiding having infectious sex. A clean person can be easily distinguished from an unclean one by his or her body language, confidence, health level etc.

Steps to prevent sexually transmitted diseases from spreading? 

It is one thing to prevent STD; it is whole different process to prevent it from spreading. Once you get to know that you or someone you now has STD the following steps should be taken immediately.

1. Refrain from having sex till your doctor suggests it is alight to do so.

2. Listen diligently to all the procedures, your doctor prescribes

3. Make sure your sex partners receive treatments as well

4. Make sure you see the doctor before you resume sex after the cure of a STD.

Conclusively, it is essential to take a proper treatment for STDs and utmost care should be taken as well as all possible precautions need to be considered to avoid the elements that makes a pleasurable act like sex a
painful ordeal.

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