By Pradnya Kamble

Contraceptive pills: A road to pleasure or an invitation to pain?


We have never been more sexually aware than in the present day. The inclusion of sex education in the curriculum at the various institutions has made this easy apart from certain Government initiatives. This has made sex safer and more fun. Two of the biggest inventions for safe sex are condoms and contraceptive pills. While most people would go for condoms due to the more certainty of safe sex, some would choose pills as some do consider the plastic fabric a hindrance to optimum pleasure. There is sufficient controversy regarding the usage of contraceptive pills. Does the benefit of the pills supersede the downsides? Let’s find out!


Upsides of taking contraceptive pills:

Several women take pills sometimes willfully and sometimes on the partner’s insistence. The upsides of contraceptive pills are numerous.

1. A terrific way to avoid pregnancy.

2. Provides a higher level of intimacy.

3. Often acts as a catalyst for period regulation.

4. Mitigating the risk of ovarian cancer by more than 25%.

5. Contraceptive pills Contain components like progestin and estrogen that helps to fight various female sexual ailments

6. Increased sex drive in females as no fear of pregnancy, therefore no inhibitions.

7. Preferred by many males who want to avoid the stress of condoms.


Downsides of taking contraceptive pills:

Contraceptive pills are widely used by women belonging to all economic classes. The benefits of contraceptive pills are proven. However, the disadvantages are sometimes a matter of confusion as many notions are associated with the usage of contraceptive pills. The actual dangers against the myths can make purchase decisions dicey on part of the women. The usage of these pills is safe or not? Here are some downsides of using contraceptive pills.

1. Causing headaches.

2. Resulting in over-tenderness of breasts.

3. Hikes blood pressure.

4. Leading to nausea.

5. Boating.


Myths associated with pill usage:

While using pills has some genuine downsides as mentioned above, there are a certain amount of myths also involved with the usage of pills that need a debunk.

Myth: Avoiding pregnancy even after stoppage of taking pills.

Debunk: Pregnancy is avoided only in the duration of pill intake.


Myth: The delayed return of fertility of a woman due to pill usage.

Debunk: Halting pill intake does not delay the fertility return. It is only during the intake of pills, a woman cannot conceive.


Myth: Using pills can be a reason of auto-abortion.

Debunk: Scientific researches refutes this notion as a persisting pregnancy can never be eradicated by using pills.


Myth: Pills may hamper sexual drive.

Debunk: On the contrary, pills may cause increased sex drive in females as no fear of pregnancy, therefore no inhibitions, and more vigor.


Pills are one of the two contraceptive measures that are prevalent in the market. Their overall usage may vary depending on one’s choice. However, the myths and confusions can take a toll on the buyer’s decision. Pills have proven to be an effective medium for several women. Polls have shown that the heightened intimacy pills provide can never be matched when condoms are used. If you want to avoid condoms and delay that pregnancy, pills are your way to go for sure. Still, unable to figure out which is right or wrong for your situation? Connecting with a sex therapist is highly suggestive.

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