By Anish Gupta

Can Gym supplements damage your sex life?

Sex life is a vital aspect of overall well-being and satisfaction for many individuals. While engaging in a regular fitness routine and using gym supplements can offer numerous health benefits, concerns have been raised about their potential impact on one’s sex life. It’s important to explore the potential connection between gym supplements and sexual health to make informed decisions about their use.

Online and over-the-counter sports supplements are commonly accessible. Sports drinks, energy drinks, and various oral tablets and powders are just a few examples of the widely used, legally acquired supplements promoted for performance enhancement. Taurine, creatine, and other multi-ingredient sports supplements are widely available and seem to be gaining popularity. Since a decade ago, it has been known that approximately 20% of nutritional supplements supplied in Europe and the United States contained anabolic steroids (Many times undeclared)

According to many International Doping authorities, almost one in five sports supplements contain banned substances, including stimulants and anabolic drugs. They warn that any supplement may not be safe to use.

Large levels of protein or creatine are found in some supplements. Their use may result in an otherwise healthy person having elevated blood urea or creatinine levels.

The use of androgenic drugs may contribute to androgen insufficiency and symptoms of hypogonadism. Because steroids may not be listed on the labels of the sports pills, this may have happened accidentally.

Due to the inhibition of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, post-pubertal patients who take sports supplements containing androgenic steroids may exhibit symptoms of androgen insufficiency. Non-specific symptoms, including lethargy, weariness, low mood, impatience, and trouble concentrating, are also possible. Male pattern hair loss, acne, liver damage, elevated cardiovascular risk, osteopenia or osteoporosis, decreased muscle mass and strength, increased fat mass, and gynecomastia are more specific issues. There may be reduced sexual and reproductive function, low libido, and erectile dysfunction. Infertility may also occur.

Many athletes who take high-protein supplements won’t experience any side effects. However, renal function tests, carried out as part of a check for other clinical conditions, may accidentally increase blood urea or creatinine levels. This should raise a query concerning the consumption of dietary supplements. Supplements high in protein may cause blood urea levels to rise. Those that include creatine may have higher quantities of creatinine.

So the answer to the question – CAN GYM SUPPLEMENTS AFFECT SEXUAL HEALTH is definitely YES.

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