By Priyanka Patnaik

10 Good reasons to seek relationship counselling

We all go through a little difference in a relationship. But when those differences turn into detachment and toxicity, that’s when you know something’s going wrong in your relationship. So, being suggested relationship therapy or couples counselling doesn’t seem a bad idea. But how would we know, when there is a great need for it?  Let’s go through 10 good reasons to seek Relationship counseling. Relationship counselling is very important for couples having troubles.

Constant Disagreements:

Disagreements can be about many things.  But finding a root cause of it and coming on to some middle grounds is very difficult. We sometimes don’t seem to accept our mistakes or faults, which leads to a major misunderstanding and builds up a wall of toxicity. So if you and your partner are having some disagreements, just take a deep breath and think about things wisely which helps you to come to some middle ground.


Being misunderstood is the worst feeling ever. Sometimes you don’t mean to say or do certain things but it comes out in a very different way in that hasty situation. It seems like you both are speaking different languages. What you think you’re saying is so far from your partner’s understanding and vice versa. Therapy can help you understand and seek the right way of communication which helps you to adapt and learn and understand one way of communicating.

We all think that we know our partner well or we understand them well but let me tell you, that’s a misconception. Science proves you would never understand or know a person entirely even if you know that person for your lifetime. So, it’s better to communicate than to be misunderstood.

Premarital judgments:

We all get cold hands when things get a little serious when it comes to getting married, and it’s all okay to feel like that. But making those feelings affect your relationship and not talking about it is rather dangerous. Having all the questions related to money, family, kids, and sharing a life can be resolved if one finds a way to talk about it. Couples Therapy helps you to have a safe space to resolve those issues.


Being dishonest with your partner is worse than not saying anything. There’s no relationship if there’s no Honesty. Dishonesty can hamper one’s trust and trust is the foundation of a relationship. It may take a while to gain trust but it doesn’t even take a second to break it. There can be a lot of disagreements and fights and hurt even in the best of times. Relationship counseling can help you heal and guide you through even the toughest times or scenarios.

Family Issues:

Family can play a major role in a relationship. Family is capable of breaking and building a relationship. Differences in one’s family can lead to major relationship crises. So blending in and making your partner’s family your family and learning to let certain things go is a way out of a happy relationship.

Everything’s okay:

You or your partner can be pretentious in the stated situation of everything being okay. But in reality, nothing is okay. Your feelings are amplified, you are raging inside. It’s okay to know to be pretentious and it’s okay if everything’s not okay rather than feeling such feelings. A good therapy and relationship counseling helps you understand knowing and communicating such feelings.

Mismatched sex drives:

I had to throw something related to sex because it plays a major role in one’s relationship. Being on the same sex page and having the same spark in a relationship as you had once is a little difficult as one wants to explore and the other doesn’t or thinks that the spark is gone. Such things or feelings can lead to an argument or fight. Sex therapy can be effective in this situation, even a relationship therapist can guide you through it.

Money Issues:

Money plays a major role in everyone’s life, not only couples. Being anxious about these issues or not knowing how to split a share in a relationship is absolutely okay. In a relationship, one can be a spender and the other can be a controlled spender we can say. Relationship counseling or a Couples therapy can help you understand your relationships when it comes to finances and money matters.


Overthinking, in general, can be dangerous but in a relationship, it can bring the worst out of you. You may think that your partner is having an affair; you may think your partner has fallen out of love; you may think there is no spark. But it’s just you thinking and making the whole thing worse. It’s better if you communicate and seek help if you find it difficult. Talk it Out:

We all say communicating our feelings is damn easy but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Talking things out, accepting, and seeing the reality can be a little difficult for a few of us. But until you don’t communicate or share your feelings with your partner, there won’t be any resolving or even understanding of problems.

Couples therapy is very normal in this new age generation and new age love. And honestly, it’s all okay to feel all the above things mentioned or even more. Let’s just normalize all these issues and spread awareness of Relationship counseling for couples. Due to the advanced technology, we can get everything at our fingertips, even the consulting of Relationship therapy. Qurex can help you resolve such problems in a few seconds as an online consultancy.

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